3 Useful Tips to Help You Sell on Facebook Selling Groups in the UK

3 Useful Tips to Help You Sell on Facebook Selling Groups in the UK

Facebook is used by billions of users and is fast becoming an area of interest for selling and buying. Apart from creating vibrant social networks, over 400 million users converge therein to do business. People make as much as £100 on what would be otherwise a lazy weekend by selling the stuff they no longer need on their respective selling groups on Facebook. The greatest thing about these groups is that they are absolutely free-you get to keep all your profits. Looking to start selling on Facebook groups? This guide will show you how it works and basic dos and don’ts:

What to sell

Knowing what flies off the ‘shelves’ is important for selling on Facebook groups to work. Outgrown Baby and kids’ items sell relatively fast as kids grow fast and parents are ever seeking to replace their kids’ stuff at low cost, so do electronic devices such as TVs and furniture in selling communities with college kids. Generally, sell popular household goods; avoid selling rarely used and rather expensive items, as most people would prefer brand new items, and would feel uneasy about buying high-value stuff from unfamiliar persons.

Finding the right group

Being in the right group will increase the chance of making a sale. Thousands of them have cropped up in major cities and towns in the UK such as Manchester Buy, Sell and Swap. To find a relevant group, search for your location in the search box and use the keyword ‘selling group’ or ‘sale.’ Join as many Facebook groups as you can, but be choosy to avoid wasting time. The best are the busier ones that deal with high-quality stuff. Click ‘Join’ and an admin will add you in 24 hours. You can also check out other types of groups, but ensure that rules allow selling.

How to post an ad

Upload a clear picture of your item then add its specs, price and finer details and flaws. Most groups have a simple ‘for sale’ form that you can fill out. Ensure your safety by revealing your general location, not your number and address, since posts are public. Then close your deal with a buyer on private messaging.

Facebook selling groups are run by volunteer admins so that Facebook is removed from their operations and therefore are not liable in case something goes wrong. Be safe and ask for cash to avoid getting duped.

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