3 Facilities That Aid Selling On Facebook

3 Facilities That Aid Selling On Facebook

Selling on Facebook is easy and straight-forward, and has become the first option for people looking to make some cash with an online side-hustle or selling out-grown clothes or stuff they no longer use. There are options for one-time sellers and full-blown business owners; all you need to do is find the option that works for you. This article describes the selling options available on Facebook and important points to consider while making the final decision.

Facebook marketplace

This is the most suitable option to consider when looking to make a quick one-off sale. When you set up a listing, Facebook automatically alerts potential buyers close to you who may be looking to buy your product. There are three main categories to help you classify your product; ‘item for sale,’ ‘vehicle for sale’ or ‘home for rent.’ Once you fill out the details list and upload a minimum of three high-definition pictures, your listing is complete. You can manage bids from potential buyers through it. Seal the deal with your selected buyer and discuss the pick-up place via private messaging for your privacy.

Selling groups

There are hundreds of dedicated selling groups of already interested persons on Facebook where you can sell your product. Some groups only deal with specific products such as kids items, pet stuff et cetera. Finding them is as easy as typing ‘Buy and sell groups near me’ on the search bar. Some groups are public while others are closed, so you have to wait 24 hours for an admin to add you. Give clear product images and specs so that interested buyers can find it by searching for essential features. Include your approximate location and shipping costs for buyers who may be distant. However, read and follow group rules to the letter to avoid being banned.

Facebook pages

These are more convenient for businesses and can not only be used to sell products but also promote special business events, sales and offers. It is imperative to focus on promoting your page to build a community of loyal followers before you start convincing them to buy your products. To keep your new band of fans interested, interact with them and post regularly.


This text is just an overview of facilities that Facebook has in place to help you sell to billions of its loyal users. However, to be safe, always meet your buyers in a public area and request for cash up-front to avoid theft.

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