3 E-Commerce Service Providers That Facilitate Effective Selling On Facebook Store

3 E-Commerce Service Providers That Facilitate Effective Selling On Facebook Store

The Facebook store is a useful selling tool for entrepreneurs with online stores. There are two ways to leverage this tool: the first entails creating your store through your business page then setting up a credit card payment option; it’s hassle-free but rather basic. The second involves using an e-commerce website generator to set up your online store then link it up with your Facebook store page. This option makes it a lot easier to operate your store and gives you a more significant online presence. Integrating e-commerce platforms gives you and your customers a more extensive array of payment options to choose from, better inventory management and other benefits. This article presents a list of three reputable e-commerce providers, and how they work:


Shopify is the most widely preferred e-commerce website builders in the market, having helped one million users generate over $70 million in sales. They offer professional themes and an endless array of apps to support your selling input.  To set up your Facebook store through Shopify, include the Facebook Channel App to your Shopify store. This app generates a store tab for your Facebook page that automatically makes your products accessible through Facebook. It also enables your customers to buy directly from Facebook without having to leave.


BigCommerce is another widely used e-commerce platform, having garnered over $9 Billion in sales for its merchants. It creates ads directed to Facebook and tracks your marketing efforts, and also offers apps to increase your store’s functionality. To set up your Facebook store with BigCommerce, install their Facebook Shop app to your store then your products will be available on your Facebook store.

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In addition to its website building services, Squarespace provides a wide range of e-commerce solutions for entrepreneurs who use their websites for purposes other than selling.  It offers intriguing designs to help you put together a highly customized site. It has many ways to connect to your store on Facebook and other social networks to maximize coverage, for instance, you can link up your Facebook and Instagram accounts to tag products and make shopping more convenient. Unlike the former two platforms, your customers cannot buy directly via Facebook, but you can push your products through it and other social networks.


These platforms allow you to conveniently run your store without having to stress over the codes and other technical aspects. Linking them up to your store increases your chances of success many times over.

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