Facebook Shop by Shopify: Changing the Way People Purchase Products Online

Both Facebook and Shopify are getting pretty cozy and popular these days! Running a Facebook shop by Shopify impacts your sales, your brand’s reputation, and the way people purchase products online!

One of the biggest name in social media – Facebook is more popular than ever and Shopify is obviously one the best ecommerce platforms to use. These two, are a perfect combination for your online business. How?
Keep reading and you will find out!
Running a Facebook shop by Shopify is an option we’ve had for the last few years, however, after recently, we have the ability to connect directly with potential buyers via Facebook Messenger.
Things are getting interesting because Facebook apparently isn’t done yet. Now, you can sell items while talking to potential buyers inside the Facebook Messenger app.

Setting up a Facebook Shop by Shopify

Facebook is a global name, a leading brand behind chatbot technology – automated messaging between businesses and online customers.
Facebook and Shopify are changing the way people purchase products online today. It is fair to say the network sees bright future of ecommerce taking place inside messaging apps.
The days of people having to search through websites or blogs or go through product categories are coming to an end.  
The greatest benefit for ecommerce businesses and online brands is to connect with customers on an individual basis, target them with the right messages or ads, and gather information on a more professional level.

This is everything a successful business owner or a modern retailer wants from its buyers. For the user, there is a personalized shopping experience that learns what they like, prefers, and needs. Read more on how to integrate Facebook and Shopify to boost your sales.

Speed is also a very important factor. Through your Facebook shop by Shopify, you can connect with your customers with just a few clicks and offer them a chance to purchase your products. Social media is reducing barriers between you and your customers.

The Importance of Personalized Messaging

For quite some time now, we’ve been discussing the importance of targeted and customized content in the marketing community.
  The only issue is we don’t have the right technology to pull it off and get everything ready. Luckily, things are changing fast and Facebook is among the first to adopt this kind of platform to online brands and retailers.
With Shopify and Facebook, you can keep the customers updates on everything they want to know, including order status, delivery information, and etc. These small changes make a big difference in the customer shopping experience, as well as, customer service.
This has been possible on ecommerce solution Shopify for a few years now. The only difference is that now shoppers can start a direct conversation with you. You can send targeted and highly-focused messages – based on what you know about individual shoppers. You now know how to reach out to them directly and what products these people are interested in.
Shopify & Facebook Messenger: The Perfect Combination

How do you sell items on Facebook? Facebook’s relationship with ecommerce solution Shopify is creating new ways for businesses and customers to interact. You don’t need Shopify users to bring these features to your business. You can take advantage of Facebook Messenger or other chatbot providers.

The Shopify stores and store owners can interact with customers, target them individually, and sell products in the most convenient way possible.  
Right from your Shopify dashboard, you can create Facebook Ads in just a few minutes, target the right customers, and the best part is – no expertise is required.
You can let Shopify choose the right Facebook audience for your products and brand and you can manage everything without leaving Shopify. As simple as that!
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